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Ranking The Most Underrated MLB Lids: Part 3

Underrated MLB Lids Part 3 by Joker Mag, the home of the underdog
Credit-USA TODAY/Getty/Joker Mag Illustration

Welcome back to the series! In the third and final installment, we’ll run through some of the best underrated MLB hats in existence.

Without further ado, let’s try on some lids. As a reminder, my ranking of each team’s primary hat is in parentheses.

The “Super Solids” Division

New York Mets (20)

Listen, I like the Mets’ home uniforms just fine.  It’s a clean look, and the blue and orange mesh well together.

So well, that I like their hats better with orange brims to complement the blue lids.

The interlocking “NY” is solid, but I prefer the Yankees’ curved lettering to the Mets’ curlicue take on the symbol.  While I can get on board with the blue and orange hats, I believe that the Metropolitans, like Will Smith and Tommie Lee Jones, look good in black.

Maybe wearing these hats can erase their fans’ memories of the past few seasons.

Oakland Athletics (12)

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That Green Friday mood. #Athletics510Day

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I’m a longtime admirer of the Athletics’ primary cap.  The green lid with the yellow brim is a sharp look.  You know what else looks sharp?  The A’s’ Green Friday uniforms.

Call me an environmentalist, because I’ll tell anyone who will listen that the A’s should go green more often.  The Kelly green hats are my favorite bench player, but I also fully endorse an increase in at-bats for the Stomper hats.

Either way, the squad from Hero Town will look the part. 

Pittsburgh Pirates (4)

Roberto Clemente wears the Pirates alternate solid gold baseball hat
Roberto Clemente wearing my personal favorite Pirates alternate (Credit-Getty Images)

The steel city’s black and yellow threads are so awesome that they inspired a song that you may have heard from a Pittsburgh native.

I’m confident that [turns to camera, raises sunglasses] you know what it is.

Anyway, you know what else looks good?  Black and solid gold.  I respect the old-school, boxy look of these caps and don’t mind the Players Weekend hats one bit, although I still prefer the solid gold look.

It’s a hat worn by heroes.

Cincinnati Reds (11)

The Reds are another team with a storied history and an impressive hat collection.  Their primary hats, whether all red or red with black brims, are great.

They also look great when they flip-flop and wear the black lid with the red brim.  I also think it’d be cool to see the team bring these back too.

And are their batting practice caps (shown above) nice in an old, newspaper font way or do I have awful taste? 

Houston Astros (22)

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Can’t be tamed ????

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I’ll keep this brief: the Astros’ primary hats are solid. Ditto when they rock the orange brims.  Don’t be afraid to blast some orange crush more often, H-town.

You’ll like the way you look…[fill in the blank].   

St. Louis Cardinals (6)

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No bunny is as hoppy as we are! ????

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It’s difficult to intertwine three letters into a tight and coherent logo.  Like the White Sox, the Cardinals accomplish this feat.

Also, like the Sox, the Cards are one of my favorite team’s arch rivals; thus, I don’t wear this hat despite its undeniable beauty.  The Redbirds also have great auxiliary options.

For instance, although it’s counterintuitive to their name, they have some great navy blue caps.  If you prefer the STL logo, this hat is a fine choice; if you are of the “a picture is worth a thousand words” mindset, feast your eyes on the high-flying lids shown above.

I’ve surpassed my quota of nice words about the Cards for the year, it’s time to move on.

The “Baseball is Fun” Division

Chicago Cubs (15)

Any Cubs hat is a good look to me.  I always like the red brim as an alternate option, but my favorites are those that don’t feature the “C.”

Exhibit A (shown above), Exhibit B, and Exhibit C.

Three different cubby bears, and three outstanding caps.  And remember: always to the left

Tampa Bay Rays (25)

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Looking devilishly good.

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I don’t want to be misconstrued as a Satanist, but the Rays can benefit by reliving their “Devil” days. The “TB” hats are legit, but we’ve seen better from you, Tampa Bay.

For example, these are a nice look.  Only problem: doesn’t necessarily generate strong brand recognition.

Which leads me back to my initial point…bring ’em back.

Toronto Blue Jays (5)

The Jays play in one of the most brutal divisions in any sport, but they have plenty of great things going for them.  Incredibly passionate fan base, Vlad Jr., and great hats.

Their primary lid is awesome but I’d love to see them mix it up a bit.

After all, they have multiple outstanding caps ready for wear.  Put us in, coach

Milwaukee Brewers (29)

Orlando Arcia trots off the field wearing the Brewers alternate uniform and cap
Orlando knows what’s up (Credit-Milwaukee Brewers via Twitter)

The number in parentheses refers to this hat, which is seemingly still their primary one.  I don’t necessarily feel that this hat is awful; it’s just that the Beermakers have an obvious replacement.

Having this iconic cap available for use and not wearing it is akin to having Mike Trout on your team and not playing him.  Based on my calculations, the Glove cap (also awesome in navy or yellow) has the highest hat WAR in the MLB.

To paraphrase a legend: Hey Brew Crew, you got a fireplace? Throw the wheat hats in there.  P.S. The glove is an “m” and a “b.”  As in…mind blown.

Philadelphia Phillies (17)

When Benjamin Franklin famously uttered, “Give me liberty or give me death,” he was likely begging his hometown Phillies to don these Liberty Bell caps.

While I don’t want to contradict one of the country’s great innovators, I have a couple extra hat suggestions for his Phightin’ Phils.  I really like the blues as an alternate option, but my favorite is these throwback lids…especially with the baby blue threads.

The city has nearly as many great baseball caps as it does cheesesteak shops.      

Arizona Diamondbacks (30)

Much like the Rays, I think the D-backs should return to their roots.

Honor the World Series squad; turn back the clock with the OG purple lids; or turn heads with these stunners.

No idea why they moved on from these, but all of these hats would be massive upgrades.     

Seattle Mariners (14)

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Simply Seager. ????

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The M’s compass logo is a unique gem and looks good on a cap.  The navy blue backdrop is clean, but I love when they alternate with the aqua brims.

Speaking of alternates, how awesome are these hats?  Even the non-compass alternates are awesome; just keep these tridents away from Brick. 

Boston Red Sox (9)

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Back to it ????

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The Sox hat is a classic.  Whether it’s the mainstay navy with the red B or the roles are reversed, it’s a good looking lid.

And even though their colors are red, white, and blue, they look pretty damn good in Kelly green.

However, the best thing in life is a comfy pair of socks.  Pay homage.

Miss the rest of the series? Go back to Part One here. After that, check out Part Two.

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