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This Baltimore Running Group Helps Athletes With Disabilities While Inspiring a Community

David Slomkowski created Athletes Serving Athletes with the goal of making a difference in the Baltimore community. Over a dozen years later, the number of lives he has positively impacted is more than you could count.

Marcus Keene: How The 5’9″ Guard Became College Basketball’s Best Player

Marcus Keene wants to prove that he can lead a team. His 5’9″ frame may appear underwhelming for a basketball player, but doubters have never phased him. He lets his…

By Alex Horowitz

How Chelsie Schweers Made the Leap from D3 Basketball to a Professional Career Overseas

Although she was a star player at her D3 university, Chelsie Schweers’ journey at the professional level has faced many obstacles.

By Alex Horowitz

30 Coaching Quotes From The Best Coaches of All-Time

From baseball to boxing, from football to volleyball, a great coach is a great coach. Here is our collection of inspiring coaching quotes from some of the best coaches of all-time.

By Tyler O'Shea

Dempsey Arsenault’s Lacrosse Journey: From Coast to Coast

Arsenault tore her ACL at a 3d tournament in Richmond, Virginia, the summer before her senior year. While she had already committed to college, it was her upcoming high school season that worried her the most.

By Alex Horowitz
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The Biggest Vegas Odds Upsets in Sports History

So here’s an homage to those lucky souls that overcame the odds, whether it was because of freak luck or a herculean effort from an underdog.

By Michael Sutyak
Mar 08, 2021

Jake Gronsky: Professional Baseball Player Turned Award-Winning Author

Jake Gronsky is a former pro baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals organization. After hanging up the cleats, he became a writer whose work has been featured on ESPN, FOX Sports, and other outlets.

By Tyler O'Shea
Mar 05, 2021

Noah Lewis on Hoop Dreams, Overcoming Adversity, and The Mamba Mentality

Over a thousand miles away from home, Lewis struggled to live up to his coaches’ expectations. He was struggling on the court and barely playing any in-game minutes. Then some inspiration from his favorite NBA player ignited an incredible turnaround.

By Alex Horowitz
Mar 03, 2021

The 61 Most Inspirational Baseball Quotes of All-Time

These inspiring baseball quotes will motivate you to play like a Hall of Famer in one of the most difficult mental sports on earth.

By Tyler O'Shea
Feb 25, 2021

Meet The Best Basketball Player You’ve Never Heard Of

He’s won multiple championships as a professional basketball star & is one of the best rebounders on the court. But chances are, you’ve never heard of him.

By Alex Horowitz
Feb 18, 2021

How Adversity Inspired One Student-Athlete To Achieve His Ultimate Goal

“You can always control the amount of effort that you put in.” Jordan Leopold’s baseball journey can inspire us all.

By Alex Horowitz
Feb 05, 2021

Ja Morant: From Unknown High School Baller to NBA Star

One day James Kane will look back to a sweltering day in the summer of 2016 as a day that changed his life. And the life of a young man…

By Henry Duncan
Feb 04, 2021

What The Underdog Mentality Means to Me

The ironic part about that underdog mentality is that I have no memory of some of my life’s most challenging moments.

By Alex Horowitz
Jan 27, 2021

The Best Walk-Up Songs for Baseball Players

We’ve put together a curated list of choices recommended by ballplayers across the nation. As a bonus, we also included some recommended start times.

By Tyler O'Shea
Jan 22, 2021

Leicester City’s Resurgence: From 3rd-Tier Squad to All-Time Underdog Story

An old coach past his prime, a shoestring budget, and a team of castoffs. Leicester City and the greatest underdog story in UK history.

By Sam Evans
Jan 14, 2021
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