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Hosting a Podcast Celebrating Underdogs & Role Players with Tim Flattery

“If you have a passion project, and you’re passionate about getting something up and going and out into the world, start right now – and don’t be afraid of just…

By Tyler O'Shea
Sep 04, 2019

Papa Joe DeMaio is a Vietnam Veteran Living His Dream as a Musician

“Don’t take your first disappointment and say, “I give up.” Don’t even take your thousandth disappointment and say, “I give up.” Just look at it as – it’s not how…

By Tyler O'Shea
Aug 29, 2019

NFL Preview: The Quintessential Football Underdog, Teams That’ll Beat the Odds, and More

In the immortal words of one of the gritty heroes referenced in this piece once said: “An underdog is a hungry dog.”  With football season fast approaching, I asked our…

By Charlie Salek
Aug 28, 2019

Selling Everything & Moving to Hollywood with Kevin Caliber

Kevin Caliber is a Hollywood actor, filmmaker, and fitness model. A Marine veteran, Kevin is known for his work on the Hulu series Future Man as well as Supergirl and…

By Tyler O'Shea
Aug 22, 2019

From Homeless Teen to Young Australian of The Year with Zack Bryers

Zack Bryers has been a homeless teenager, a soldier in Afghanistan, and a football player for Australia in the IFAF World Championship in Canton, Ohio. After leaving home at just…

By Tyler O'Shea
Aug 15, 2019

Taking Over Las Vegas with VIP Host Manny Kess

When superstar athletes want to go to Las Vegas, they call Manny Kess. As the founder & CEO of The Kess Group, a full-service concierge company, Manny’s clientele includes A-List…

By Tyler O'Shea
Aug 08, 2019

The Top Underdogs to Root For: AFC/NFC West

I am thrilled to announce that the Sneaky Plays trio of Dom Fierro, Chris Morris and myself is back for the upcoming NFL season! Sneaky Plays made its debut in…

By Bryan Contino
Aug 05, 2019

How Brittany Gilman Built Her Own International Sports Agency

Before building her own sports agency, Brittany Gilman was a young athlete determined to be the best. Her parents taught her to ski when she was a toddler, and she…

By Tyler O'Shea
Jul 25, 2019

Liverpool’s Dramatic 4-3 Comeback Victory Over Barcelona

The Champions League is a unique competition, and remarkable things are prone to happen in it. Following Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat against Barcelona at the Camp Nou; Reds fans knew they…

By James H
Jul 22, 2019

Persevere Past Your Paralysis with Dr. James Perdue

Growing up, James Perdue dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player.  He had the attitude of being invincible and that nothing could stop him. Going to college on a baseball…

By Tyler O'Shea
Jul 18, 2019

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