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Joker Mag Partnership Guide & Media Kit

Advertising and partnership opportunities with Joker Mag

About Us

Joker Mag is a digital media platform dedicated to inspiring underdog stories in sports.

By celebrating the underdog mentality, our mission is to inspire athletes, coaches, and sports fans to conquer obstacles and overcome adversity.

Since launching in November of 2017, our work has been featured in publications such as SB Nation, FOX Sports, ClutchPoints, The Sporting News, and more.

About Our Audience

Our audience – affectionately dubbed “Underdog Nation” – is comprised of US-based sports fans, athletes, and coaches. They love our storytelling because it inspires them to overcome challenges in their own lives.

Our flagship product, The Underdog Newsletter, is growing at a rapid pace and is our deepest 1-to-1 connection with our audience.

Here are a few quick subscriber testimonials to get a better feel for our content-audience relationship:

  • “This email always makes my day.”
  • “You make a difference on my journey of life!”
  • “The stories we love told the way they should be. Heartwarming.”
  • “This newsletter is a bright light in dark times. Thankful for their hard work.”
The Underdog Newsletter by Joker Mag is read by sports fans at University of Alabama, Penn State, Texas A&M, UConn, Notre Dame, UCLA, the PGA Tour, Front Office Sports, and Overtime.

Current Audience Stats

Last Updated on January 31st, 2024.







Advertising & Partnership Opportunities

Partnership opportunities include specific and targeted placements in our Underdog Newsletter as well as our website and social platforms.

Every brand we partner with has its own unique way of reaching our audience. Previous partners include:

  • Dugout Mugs
  • Baseball BBQ
  • Meco
  • Morning Blitz

Each strategy we build is highly customized, tailoring your brand to our engaged readership. This allows our partners to craft a strong brand identity, build rapport quickly, and target the right customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our various partnership opportunities, please fill out this form here.