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Joker Mag is a media platform dedicated to inspiring underdog stories in sports.

Through powerful long-form stories and podcasts, we shine a light on the underrated and overlooked. The longshots, rejects, and misfits beating the odds and overcoming adversity.

Our mission is to show you that everyone goes through times of struggle – yes, even the superstar athletes you see on TV.

By celebrating the underdog mentality, we seek to inspire you to conquer obstacles and become the greatest version of yourself.

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Each month, thousands of readers look forward to our original long-form stories.

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Hustle & Motivate Shedding light on real-life underdog stories that don’t always get national attention. Guests share their tales of overcoming adversity in raw and honest conversations.

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Sneaky Plays Under-the-radar picks for your DFS lineups and insider looks to beat the odds during the NFL season.

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Why “Joker Mag”?

The site’s mascot is named after our founder’s family bulldog, Joker. He was the runt of the litter and the O’Shea family picked him out after learning that he was the outcast that no one else wanted.

Joker has had a tough journey – overcoming two hip replacements, breathing problems, and other ailments. Joker is a literal underdog in every sense of the word and represents everything we’re about here.

In case you’re still wondering, he got his name from the black spot around his eye that’s reminiscent of the infamous Batman villain!

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