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How Kirk Overcame Every Obstacle in ‘She’s Out of My League’

Credit-DreamWorks Pictures/Joker Mag Illustration

On the heels of a messy breakup, a young TSA Agent, Kirk, wallows in self-pity. His friends tell him he can do better. “Thank you,” Kirk says, “but I’ve seen what’s out there and I don’t think it gets any better.”

Make no mistake, Kirk is dead wrong.  As he’ll find out, it does get better.  A lot better.  But what he goes through to get there is a test of sheer will power that would bring many men to their breaking point.

In honor of the 8th anniversary of She’s Out of My League, let’s revisit Kirk’s hilariously arduous journey to landing the woman of his dreams.

Before Molly

Credit-DreamWorks Pictures

Kirk simply cannot escape his relationship troubles.  He can’t just go home and forget about everything.  Why?  He lives with his parents, and his parents love his ex-girlfriend, Marnie, like a daughter.  In fact, according to Marnie, they “practically adopted” her.

So while Kirk mopes around, still reeling from their breakup, Marnie and her new boyfriend hang out watching TV in his living room.

Meeting the Family

Credit-DreamWorks Pictures

A mix-up at the airport leads to Kirk meeting Molly, a kind-hearted, successful businesswoman.  After a double date, Kirk and Molly hit it off, much to the surprise his friends and family.  This is where the fun begins.

Kirk brings Molly to a family dinner at his parents house.  The look on his ex-girlfriend’s face is priceless.  It’s a mixture of jealousy and disgust and it’s just perfect.  But Kirk’s moment of triumph is short-lived.

Credit-DreamWorks Pictures

Kirk’s brother and Marnie’s boyfriend are in complete disbelief.  They pepper the new couple with questions like, “why is she here?”,”are you a social worker?”, and “did you hit her car or something?”

The family spends their entire dinner throwing shots at Kirk and questioning why Molly would ever go out with him.  After a few awkward silences, Dylan invites his brother downstairs for a good old-fashioned game of Slap Shot Regatta, which has since become a staple in hockey-loving households across the country.

Soon it’s Kirk’s turn to meet Molly’s parents.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t leave the same kind of impression that Molly left on his family.  Due to an embarrassing mishap, Kirk is unable to stand up to shake hands with Molly’s father, who takes it as a sign of blatant disrespect.


Credit-DreamWorks Pictures

Up to this point, you really start to question how much abuse one man can take.  Kirk’s been taken through the ringer and you can tell he’s wearing thin.

But it’s not over yet.  Later, Kirk has the pleasure of meeting Cam, Molly’s ex-boyfriend.  Cam is a pilot, which is Kirk’s ultimate life goal.  Kirk already had low self-esteem as it is, but after this run-in he really starts to doubt himself.

Kirk becomes incredibly insecure, completely imploding his relationship with Molly.  He finds himself back to square one, on a plane to Branson, Missouri wearing a mustard yellow sweater sitting next to Marnie.  By now, you really couldn’t blame the guy if he just gave up.

Credit-DreamWorks Pictures

But Kirk takes a stand, deciding that enough is enough.  He gives a rousing speech, cursing out his family one-by-one, and storming toward the exit doorway.  Suddenly, he’s stopped by a stewardess who tells him he can’t leave, the plane door is already shut.

So, in a Larry David-style turn of events, he’s forced to sit back down with the same people he just roasted in front of the entire plane.  Of course, when he arrives in Branson, his misery turns to joy when he sees Molly at the terminal waiting for him.

Given all that he endured, and all the obstacles he overcame, Kirk finally convinced himself that he deserves what he has.

She’s Out of My League is available to stream on HBO GO.

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