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Finding a new show can be an overwhelming task. With this series, we save you that time of experimentation and frustration. By watching a show’s pilot episode, we decide if a series is worth the watch.

For the first installment, we’ll kick it off with a Netflix Original released earlier this month.  Lost in Space is a re-imagining of a reboot.  The original Lost in Space from 1965 was based on a novel from 1812.  Netflix repackaged it with a modernized storyline and new actors.

Confusing, yes.  But it’s a fresh take on an old story, adding a sci-fi dimension to Netflix’s never-ending arsenal.

Now I’m not normally a science fiction fan, so I wasn’t expecting much going in.  But I was pleasantly surprised once the story got rolling.  So, let’s dive into the episode.

30 years in the future, an accident throws the Robinson family’s space ship off course.  They crash land on an unknown snow-covered planet with very few resources at their disposal.  What was once an exciting mission to colonizing in space quickly turns into a struggle for survival.

should i watch this

Normally this type of show will overuse the technological advancements that are apart of their imagined future.  It can distract the viewer from the story and leave them wondering what the hell is going on.

But, that’s not the case here.  Most of the technology that the Robinsons use are simply futuristic takes on things like smartphones and Apple watches.

Right off the bat, the family is in peril.  The ship sinks.  Someone breaks an ankle.  Another freezes underwater.  And one gets caught in a forest fire.

should i watch this

While everything is unfolding, the Robinsons remain unusually calm.  I assume it has something to do with the training  they went through prior to the mission.  Although they only mention it briefly, it’s the only explanation that would make sense.

Amidst the action, we see various flashbacks that provide some background on where this family came from and the kinds of relationships they have with each other.

It reminds us that these characters are not far off from you and me.  They just happen to be stuck in outer space, while we’re stuck on the couch.

All in all, Lost in Space blends a sci-fi story with human elements that are easy to understand.  While it’s hard to believe at times, it does a nice job of building suspense and keeping you interested.

Pilot Rating: 7.2/10
Should You Watch This? Yes. Give it a try, even if science fiction isn’t your thing.

Have a show suggestion for the next installment?  Comment below.

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this sounds like a really interesting film, how is it rated?
i wish you had this series earlier, i could have saved a bunch of money that i spent on bad movies