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Netflix Picks: ‘Seven Seconds’

Seven Seconds

When it comes to gripping dramas, HBO is the unquestioned leader dominating the market.  Between Game of ThronesThe SopranosWestworld, and many more, the premium cable service covers all the bases.  But, Netflix is quietly making a bid to become the new king.

Following the success of Ozark and Mindhunter, Netflix released yet another hit drama series — Seven Seconds.  Formed in the shadow of the Ferguson protests, the show examines the tensions between law enforcement and the black community.

While these stories get plenty of coverage in the media, they fail to grasp what it’s really like behind the scenes.  How these crimes impact every single person in the family differently.  The shockwaves it sends through the community as a whole.

In this story, a merciless hit-and-run leads to a cover-up inside the Jersey City police department.  As the conspiracy unfolds, tensions reach a boiling point.  Each character pulls in a different direction, often leading to frustrating consequences.

Seven Seconds


Seven Seconds tells a revolting, yet believable story.  It’s heavy, powerful, and poignant, staying in tune with the realities of modern society.  That being said, it’s a slow burn.

Because the story is told from multiple viewpoints, the solution to the show’s central problem seems easily accessible. But, the different characters don’t have all the information that we do.  You’ll want them to do one thing, and they’ll go and do the opposite.

Most modern shows are carried by the action in their plot, but Seven Seconds is driven by its characters.  They aren’t devoid of emotion and depth — they have flaws just like you and me.  Each has a well-crafted backstory that’s slowly revealed to us, piece by piece.

Additionally, the acting is exceptional.  Regina King will, of course, command much of the attention.  But the actor who stands out most is the relatively unknown Zackary Momoh.  The British actor is nothing short of impressive in his U.S. debut.

Seven Seconds is the better-looking, smarter cousin of HBO’s The Night Of.  It tells its tale from all angles, bobbing and weaving between the station and the streets.  In fact, some scenes capture the grit of these streets in a way we haven’t seen since The Wire.  With Seven Seconds, Netflix is one step closer to becoming the new king of drama.

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