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Winter Has Come: Here’s Your New Show

Credit-History Channel/Pickbox/LunaPic

Temparatures are dropping. Snow is falling. You’re spending more time indoors. Winter is here. It’s the perfect time of year to find a new show.

With the final season of Game of Thrones not premiering until 2019, many people are stuck. If you, like millions of others, are a fan of the smash hit, you’re probably seeking something new to watch in the meantime.

While it’s not as expansive as the Game of Thrones epic, Vikings doesn’t lack in drama and sword-swinging action. Produced by the History Channel, Vikings does not get the same publicity as its HBO counterpart, which might be why it’s overlooked by a lot of people who truly don’t know what they’re missing.

Based on historical legend, the show follows the tale of Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar is a curious character– a powerful warrior with lofty ambitions. The story follows all of the heroic exploits of his rise.

While it shares a few similarities with Game of Thrones, Vikings carves its own path. Debuting in 2013, the show contains intense battle scenes, conflict between characters, and deep, dramatic storytelling.

The Vikings live a barbaric lifestyle. They are savages, plain and simple. But, among all of the slaughtering, looting, and pillaging emerges rules that keep their society in order.

Although it may be hard to believe, the Vikings are deeply religious people. Their Gods are different from the ones we grew up learning about. These beliefs are firmly implanted in Viking culture and guide their every action.

Through all the fighting, plotting, and backstabbing comes a riveting, character-driven tale. You begin to relate to these barbarians on a visceral level. You want to see them succeed, to obliterate their enemies and continue to rise up.

Overall, Vikings is a well-made show, and is certainly a must-watch. While snowflakes fall and the fireplace burns, get comfortable on the couch and watch Ragnar do his thing.

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