LeRon L. Barton grew up with a stutter. His classmates teased him so much that he was afraid to speak, often staying silent in social situations. When he got to college, new hurdles came in the form of job interviews, dating, and more.

Over time, LeRon decided he wasn’t going to let his speech impediment stop him from living his life.

Since then, he’s turned his struggle into an energy that’s allowed him to appear on over 50 podcasts, give talks at universities across the nation, become a guest on Al Jazeera, and speak at TEDxWilsonPark.

LeRon faces his fears every day. And it’s my hope that through our conversation you’ll be inspired to do the same.

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Show Notes

[2:20] Early years, communication, and confidence

[6:55] Kobe Bryant and why you need to fail

[10:30] Dating and why people don’t care as much as you think they do

[15:25] Advice for facing your fears

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