“If you have a passion project, and you’re passionate about getting something up and going and out into the world, start right now and don’t be afraid of just putting something out there.”
— Tim Flattery

Tim Flattery (@TimFlattery) is the host of The Moonlight Graham Show, a podcast celebrating the role player, underdog, and the great stories in sports.

With 116 episodes and counting, the aptly named show features guests ranging from a Paralympic gold medalist to an NFL long-snapper to the PCL Pitcher of the Year.

In our conversation, Tim explains the honest truth about Iowans, how he built a successful podcast, and the greatest underdog story he’s ever heard.

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Show Notes

[3:10] How he played a real baseball game on the Field of Dreams

[5:35] Why Iowans feel like underdogs

[8:00] Landing prolific guests

[13:03] Three things to consider before starting a podcast

[16:17] Tim’s favorite sports underdog story of all-time

[20:00] The worst advice you’ll hear about podcasting

After Listening…

You can find The Moonlight Graham Show on their website MoonlightGrahamShow.com. Subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts!

And here’s the link to the interview with Paralympic champ Andy Yohe that Tim mentioned.

As always, thanks for tuning in!

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