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Jim Morris always dreamed of being a major league baseball player. When he got drafted in the first round in 1984, that dream felt close to becoming a reality. Unfortunately, a series of debilitating injuries forced him into early retirement.

Instead, Morris got married, started a family, and got his college degree. Shortly after, he became a high school science teacher and baseball coach in West Texas.

One day, while giving a speech to his high school team about pursuing their dreams, a player challenged Jim to go after his own.

Jim Morris delivers a 98 mph fastball for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays during the 1999 MLB season
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So they made a bet, if the team won the District Championship, he would try out for the majors.

The team did their job. Now it was time for him to do his.

The 35-year-old Morris wasn’t very sure of himself at the try-out. When he saw the scout shaking the radar gun, he was worried his fastball didn’t even register.

But soon he learned the truth.

He was bringing it. Hard. 98 miles-per-hour to be exact.

Three months later, Jim Morris was toeing the rubber for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, finally living his major league dream.

Disney quickly turned Jim’s incredible story into a feature film, The Rookie, starring Dennis Quaid. And the rest is history.

Today, Jim is a motivational speaker, sharing his journey with audiences across the globe.

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Quote Of The Week

“The surgeon said, ‘You will never ever ever pitch again. You may play golf, you may play toss with your kids in the yard, but you will never pitch again. Physically impossible. It can’t be done.’ So at 28 I thought there was no way I could ever begin to hope, ‘Hey, I think I can make it now.’ So I gave that dream up and just started putting all my energy into those kids.” – Jim “The Rookie” Morris

Show Notes

[5:00] Why Jim Morris gave up on baseball at 24

[7:37] The famous bet that led him back to pursuing his MLB dream

[12:16] “No one would even play catch with me” – The Try-Out

[16:14] Fielding movie offers while pitching in AAA

[19:08] Jim’s biggest piece of advice for young athletes

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You can keep up with Jim Morris over on his website, JimTheRookieMorris.com. And stay tuned for his upcoming book!

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i saw this movie, didn’t know it was real
excellent interview, jin morris seems like a real down to earth guy


an absolutely wonderful story and an even better ending, no wonder they made a movie of jim morris’s life, he truly has the underdog mentality.great interview congratulations tyler


Now were talkin! Awesome interview! Loved movie and the new tidbits in the interview make want to watch it again!