“If you feel passionate about something, never give up.”
– Sal Tartaglia

Ever since watching his first World Series as a 5th grader, Sal Tartaglia was fascinated by the Fall Classic. On team bus rides as a teen, his friends would challenge him with all sorts of stats and facts.

Then, in 1986, he began documenting every World Series on an old IBM Selectric typewriter.  Now, more than 30 years later, that little side project turned into his first published book, World Series Chronology: Compare, Contrast, & Coordinate The Champions.

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Show Notes

[3:25] Discovering his love for the game

[9:00] Challenges of a first-time author

[16:00] Handing over his book to a Philly sports legend

[25:10] The effect winning a World Series has on a city’s crime rate and more compelling facts

[35:30] Advice for you

After Listening…

Grab Sal’s book, World Series Chronology, just in time for the holidays on Amazon.

To get a taste of what’s inside, check out his website WorldSeriesChronology.com.

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