“Take everything in stride. Keep going for what you want and use it to power you forward.”
– Randy Ginsburg

Randy Ginsburg is the author of Adversity to Advantage: How to Overcome Bullying & Find Entrepreneurial Success.

Featured in major publications like Inc. and Newsweek, the book explores the stories of highly successful entrepreneurs who have used the trauma of bullying as fuel for personal growth.

In our interview, Randy shares his own negative experiences with bullying, how he transformed his outlook, and the fatal mistake that nearly ensured his book would never see the light of day.

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Show Notes

[5:35] Bullying within the friend group

[14:00] The Third Door and finding the courage to go against the grain

[25:40] Randy’s fatal mistake that almost derailed his entire book

[30:32] The INVENT Framework

[37:00] Goals and 3-5 year plan

After Listening…

You can grab Randy’s book, Adversity to Advantage, on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format.

Head over to Randy’s website to get immediate access to the first two chapters and find out more about his acclaimed keynote speaking.

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