If you’re someone who’s been told you weren’t good enough, not big enough, not fast enough, not smart enough, or if you’ve ever felt demoralized by a failure you weren’t willing to accept, this is the show for you.

Hustle & Motivate is a blueprint built by guests who’ve conquered obstacles, silenced critics, and overcome adversity by seeing every failure as an opportunity, believing in the true power of the underdog mentality.

Through interesting and honest conversations, we uncover the stories behind these impressive individuals.

The aim is to show you what you’re capable of. Realizing that a simple mindset shift opens up a world of possibilities.

Because in the end, you can do anything you believe you can achieve.

Who Is Joel Hawbaker?

Professional speaker and best-selling author Joel Hawbaker
Credit-Joel Hawbaker

Joel Hawbaker is a professional speaker, award-winning teacher, and 3x Amazon best-selling author.

Standing at just 5’3″, he’s fought an uphill battle to prove himself his whole life. From youth sports all the way to college athletics, he’s shown that size isn’t everything.

These days, Joel is living his passion, teaching students of all ages about leadership and what he calls “confident humility”.

Quote Of The Week

“Confidence is not thinking that you’re better than other people about stuff. It’s just knowing that you’re good at it. It’s knowing you have a gift for that.” – Joel Hawbaker

Show Highlights

[4:25] From studying to become a lawyer to becoming a teacher and coach

[10:27] How to become a professional speaker

[15:20] The challenges of writing a full-length book

[18:00] Why you NEED to read

[22:25] What “confident humility” really means

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