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Netflix Picks: ‘Banking on Bitcoin’

Everyone knows that outside of the popular picks, Netflix can be a bit of a barren wasteland. When you finally decide to stop re-watching The Office, it becomes time to accept reality.

You have to find something new. So I picked through Netflix’s straight-to-DVD, B-movie bundles and found quite an interesting film.

By now you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin.

Over the past month, it’s value has exploded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Now, early investors are becoming millionaires. All of a sudden, the doubters of digital currency are coming back into the picture.

You’re probably thinking, what the heck is “cryptocurrency”? How does it even work? If you, like many others, are seeking these answers I’ve got the perfect Netflix Pick for you.

Banking on Bitcoin opens with a nerdy-looking 20-something strolling down a busy New York street. He appears in good spirits.

Then, he casually lifts his pant leg to reveal his government-issued ankle bracelet. “It’s gonna come off when I go to prison,” he says, “I don’t think they’ll make me wear this in prison”.

This man is Charlie Sherm, a 26-year-old millionaire who owned his own Bitcoin exchange for 6 short months. In 2016, he pled guilty to “knowingly transmitting money intended to facilitate illegal activity”. In short, he was helping a drug dealer buy drugs on a hidden Internet black market.

You see, Bitcoin is untraceable. It eliminates the reliance on banks, PayPal, or any other trusted third-party service. Users of Bitcoin remain completely, 100% anonymous.

The film takes a look at this revolutionary currency from all perspectives. There are interviews with Wall Street pundits, elementary school teachers, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

Banking on Bitcoin eliminates the boring talk that is typically associated with discussions about technology. Information comes fast and in digestible bites.

There are a lot of interesting stories about the behind-the-scenes development of Bitcoin, including the mysterious man credited with its origination.

The value of one Bitcoin began at $.001 in 2009. Today it stands at nearly $16,000 and is still rising.

All in all, if you’re at all interested in learning more about this rapidly-growing market, watch Banking on Bitcoin.

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Division III baseball alum (McDaniel College) and founder of Joker Mag. Sharing underdog stories to inspire the next generation.



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