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Letter From the Editor: Cinderella’s Lost Slipper

Credit-Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Occasionally, people make mistakes.  Some more than others, but we all do it.  After all, we are human.

Recently, I made one particular mistake that’s been hanging like a dark cloud over my head.  I’ve really been kicking myself for it.

On March 15th, I was editing an article from our lead basketball writer, Domenic Fierro.  In this article, Domenic outlined five potential ‘Cinderella’ teams for the NCAA Tournament.

However, one of these teams was tipping off as I was preparing to publish the article.  So I figured I’d remove them, not wanting to risk the team being eliminated by the time people read it.

That team was Loyola-Chicago, who turned out to be the one true Cinderella of the entire 2018 NCAA Tournament.  An 11 seed that, against all odds, made it all the way to the Final Four.  The biggest story of March Madness.

With each improbable win, the worse I felt about my mistake.  The worse I felt for Domenic.

He had to explain this blunder to his incredulous friends, insisting that he really did predict the Ramblers’ run, and that the editor just decided not to publish it.

So, I think it’s only fair to finally reveal Domenic’s pre-tournament prediction to the world.  Better late than never, right?

5. Loyola-Chicago

The Ramblers enter the NCAA Tournament as a 11 seed after winning the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament.

Loyola-Chicago’s biggest win this season came on the road against Florida early in December, but they had bad losses to Indiana State and Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The Ramblers are led by guard Clayton Custer (13.4 ppg) and guard/forward Donte Ingram (11.6 ppg). Custer shoots 52.3% from the field while Ingram shoots 45.1%.

Loyola-Chicago has a tough first round matchup against Miami but, win or lose, the Ramblers will be entertaining in their push to pull off the upset.

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