On June 26th, 2016, Showtime premiered a new series called Roadies.  Before the leaves could change for fall, Showtime dropped the hammer, canceling the show on September 16th of the same year.

Roadies joins a short list of shows canceled before their time.  Freaks and Geeks, the 1999 NBC teen comedy-drama, was also axed after one season.  Since hitting Netflix, the show grew into a cult hit, leading many to question why the show was even cancelled in the first place.

As it turns out, it was mostly due to NBC not giving the show a chance.  The Freaks and Geeks show creators did not see eye to eye with the big wigs at the network.  As a result, the show got a bad time slot and significantly less promotion than network darlings Frasier and Friends.


That’s the problem with situations like this.  Just as you get acquainted with characters, just as you get attached to them and their stories–boom.  It’s over.  You never get to see what happens next.

These fictional people vanish into thin air, you’ll never see them again.  It’s also pretty strange when you see one of the show’s actors in a completely different role.  You remember them as a character from the show that got canned, and it’s tough to picture them in any other role.

Despite the pitfalls of cancelled shows, Roadies is well worth your time.  For one, its creators are two Hollywood all-stars in Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams.  Second, the soundtrack is superb, featuring music from Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more.

The story itself is quite interesting as well, following the lives of a road crew for a major rock band.  If you have never worked a show, been in a band, or been backstage at a concert, chances are you don’t know much about roadies.

The pilot episode opens with a quote with the same sentiment from Tom Petty:

I think the general public has no idea what roadies do.  Bless ’em all.  I just play the songs.  They make the show happen.

If you loved Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, you’ll love this show.  If you love rock and roll, you’ll love this show.  Even if you have the smallest interest in what goes on behind the scenes at a concert, you’ll love this show.

Roadies has everything you want in a television series.  The fact that there are, and only ever will be, 10 episodes feels like a crime.

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