I can’t even begin to imagine going through what Jeanne Enstad has: 28 years of major surgeries, four open hearts, cancer twice, gangrene in both her legs, a head-on collision with an 18-wheeler, and two visits to heaven.

By the end of it, she came out with $290,000 in medical bills and a new lease on life.

Her first book, A Journey of Hope to Heaven and Back has been adapted into a Hollywood screenplay. Despite all she’s been through, Jeanne has kept a positive, upbeat attitude and is striving to help others view life in a different light.

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Show Notes

[5:20] The one telltale sign of a true workaholic

[12:01] What it was like coming back from heaven

[18:08] A head-on collision and second visit to heaven

[25:00] How Jeanne overcomes every challenge

[31:58] A life-saving trip to Walmart

After Listening…

You can find Jeanne Enstad and grab her book over at her website. Keep an eye out for her second book coming soon.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s show!

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