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Hustle & Motivate: Director of MLB at LW Branding Matt Morrison

Hustle & Motivate podcast featuring LW Branding's Matt Morrison, presented by, the home of the underdog.
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On Hustle & Motivate, we sit down with real-life underdogs in the world of sports, entertainment, and more. Through insightful and thought-provoking conversations, we uncover the stories behind these impressive individuals.

We touch on everything — their mindset, how they got started, what they’re up to now, and how they overcame adversity on the path to greatness.

The aim is to show you what you’re capable of.

Realizing that a simple mindset shift opens up a world of possibilities.  Because in the end, you can do anything you believe you can achieve.

Matt Morrison put in serious work before finding his home at LW Branding, a boutique branding and marketing agency working with professional athletes such as Kirk Cousins, Matt Carpenter, Brent Suter, and more.

LW Branding's Matt Morrison is in charge of the Major League Baseball (MLB) Division of the boutique branding and marketing agency representing Matt Carpenter, Brent Suter, and more professional athletes.
Credit-Matt Morrison/LW Branding

His insane work ethic and genuine nature is a reason he’s been able to get to where he is today.

Tap the play button below to hear Matt’s story and insights on how you can build a career in the sports industry.

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Division III baseball alum (McDaniel College) and founder of Joker Mag. Sharing underdog stories to inspire the next generation.



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