Nowadays, Hollywood studios are dropping hundreds of millions of dollars on movies. But, how often do those movies leave a lasting impact on you? How often do they change your outlook on life?

Everything’s Jake was made with just $900,000.  And despite it’s minuscule budget,  the film packs a heavy punch.  Not in wild action or choreographed sequences, but in human-to-human interaction.

The story follows a homeless man, Jake, who has been living on the streets of New York since he was a teenager.  Jake has fully embraced his lifestyle and is very happy with where he is.  “Out here, I’m the richest man in the world,” Jake says.

Jake lives off of a few dollars a day, earned by playing his drums for pedestrians. He takes things day-by-day and lives on his own terms.  Despite surviving on scraps, Jake’s optimism is inspiring.

His infectious enthusiasm is rare, and his positive outlook rubs off on everyone he meets.  He’s a street-saavy survivor with a heart of gold.  When he meets Cameron, who is new to the streets, he agrees to take him in and show him the ropes.

Credit-Quixotic Endeavors

Over time, the two become inseparable.  Jake delivers Cameron powerful advice centered around one thing–finding your happiness.

Everything’s Jake shows homelessness in a new light.  It makes you step back and question all of the materialistic ideals we have in our society.  It teaches you that we all have a choice to be happy.

Sure, you can choose to place blame for why you’re not happy.  Your parents, your boss, the economy, anything.  But, at the end of the day, you have the power to choose.

Jake chose his own path.  While he may not be successful by society’s standards, he has acheived something that many can only dream of.  A happy, fulfilled life.  And, despite his circumstances, he lives with a spirit and heart that not even the richest people on Earth possess.

Now, with all this talk about choices, I’ll leave you with one.  You can choose to watch the trailer and ruin the biggest surprises of the movie.  Or, you can go into this movie just knowing this simple fact–it will change you for the better.

Happy New Year, I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did.

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