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Legendary College Baseball Coach Mr. George Bennett

Legendary college baseball coach George Bennett of Villanova and SJU joins the Hustle & Motivate podcast to share his story.
Credit-Mr. George Bennett/Joker Mag Illustration

“You have to realize that there’s gonna be some setbacks. And you have to be willing to take care of that.”
– Coach George Bennett

Coach George Bennett won 531 games as a college coach at Saint Joseph’s University and Villanova University. He was named Big East Conference Coach of the Year twice and Villanova retired his jersey number 6 in 2003.

Coach Bennett produced seven major leaguers including Gene Schall and Gary Scott. His first recruit was a left-handed pitcher named Jamie Moyer, whose Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame induction he attended (pictured above).

In this podcast, Mr. Bennett shares the story of his humble beginnings as an undersized baseball player. He also talks about how he rose through the ranks, the essential traits of a good coach, and funny recruiting stories.

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Show Notes

[1:34] Too small to fit into his uniform

[6:00] Playing college baseball at West Chester

[13:10] The recruiting of Jamie Moyer

[19:10] Beginning of the Villanova era

[29:17] Funny recruiting stories

[34:00] Important traits for a good coach & advice

After Listening…

Mr. Bennett’s late head coach at West Chester, Dr. Glenn Killinger, has a scholarship foundation through the university. You can find out more and make a small donation here.

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Written By

Division III baseball alum (McDaniel College) and founder of Joker Mag. Sharing underdog stories to inspire the next generation.



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