“Rejection is a real thing. And you really have to be able to get over yourself and really decide: is this something to be hurt over? Or is this just one more bump in the road?”
– Frances Reimers

Frances Reimers is the CEO of Firestarter, a personal branding firm based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Every day, Frances helps athletes, coaches, and sports executives across the nation to develop, manage, enhance, and protect a key professional asset: their personal brands.

She works with some of the biggest names in sports, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be worried about building your own personal brand. In our conversation, Frances tells you why.

Show Notes

[3:27] What is a personal brand?

[10:22] Leaving a six-figure job to launch Firestarter

[16:27] Early challenges and road blocks

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[27:30] How to keep your ego in check

[39:09] 3 tips for building your side hustle while working full-time

After Listening…

Check out Firestarter over at their website, YourFirestarter.com!

You can also follow Frances on Instagram and Twitter.

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