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Philadelphia Eagles Championship Parade: A Fan’s Perspective

It was a frigid morning with a wind chill below 20 degrees.  But that didn’t stop the most passionate fan base in the world from packing every available inch between Broad Street and the parkway.

We arrived at 8 AM, hopped out of the car, and joined the jubilant crowd.  Everyone was in a great mood — carrying tinfoil Lombardi trophies, belting out Eagles chants, and hugging random strangers.

As we neared the Philadelphia Art Museum, home of the infamous Rocky steps, the massive crowd grew larger and larger.  There was dancing, laughing, and the occasional tree climbing.  Everyone was having a blast!

Our view

“I’m really glad I didn’t stay home,” one fan said, “this is once in a lifetime.”  My friends and I have waited about 20 years for this moment, and we feel spoiled.  Many fans out there today have waited much longer — 58 years to be exact — for this moment.

Once the parade finally reached us, Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss” blasting over the sound system, the audience roared with excitement.  Fans screamed and cheered as the players and coaches gave it right back to them, tossing the occasional icy beverage into the crowd.

A couple of tree climbers

Then, players began taking the podium.  Headlined by Jason Kelce’s rousing tirade, the players gave thanks to the fans for their unrelenting support throughout the season.  The big takeaway, though, was “get used to it, we’ll be back”.  A strong message from a team built for now and the future.

An explosion of fireworks capped off a euphoric celebration, as the mood shifted from excitement to sheer bliss.  The horde made their way, slowly, back into the city.  Some to their cars, others to taverns, and some to simply wander the streets, sharing in the excitement with their fellow Eagles fans.

Today showed the world what it means to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  You’re either all the way in or all the way out.  There is no in between.  Go big or go home.  This prodigious celebration was a metaphor for the diehard fan base as a whole.

The most passionate fan base in the world!

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