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Why ‘Bad Boys II’ Should Be the Blueprint for Modern Action Movies

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The 2003 sequel to the smash hit Bad Boys stars cop buddies Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. This time, they are investigating a Florida ecstasy ring.

First off, let’s address the stigmas surrounding this film. The movie is directed by Michael Bay, a man notoriously loathed by film buffs and cinephiles across the nation.

Many say that Bay’s films lack substance. That there are too many visual effects. That Bay is a film snob trying to do too much with the camera.

That all may be true. But while his other films may be flawed, Bad Boys II is a notable contribution to the action genre. It is the point in which modern-day action films need to return to.

Nowadays, Hollywood studios have tunnel vision.

They are obsessed with filling in the missing pieces of their superhero universes. Every action movie seems to center around a superhero of some kind.

It’s been that way for years now and, unfortunately, the trend will continue until they stop making money off of it. However, on the occasion that we do get a non-superhero action flick, it’s often gritty and dark.

We get movies like Taken, Kidnap, and Logan. Films with grim, foreboding undertones. While they contain emotional depth, they lack the fun nature that lies at the heart of the action genre.

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What makes Bad Boys II an important, influential film is that it does a great job of toeing this line.

There’s a serious plot line with real conflict and severe consequences. But, at the same time, there’s light-hearted fun and enjoyable moments between its lead characters.  We experience the adrenaline-fueled pursuit of bad guys while laughing along the way.

Aside from the hilarious dynamic between the funny-guy co-stars, there are many small pieces that make this film worthy of your attention.

First, it has a great soundtrack. This is the movie that gave us Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murphy Lee’s “Shake Ya Tailfeather”. Next, it has one of the greatest bad guys of all-time in the form of Johnny Tapia. He’s the ruthless crime boss you love to hate.

And if that isn’t enough, it stars Ralph Cifaretto from The Sopranos as the angry police captain. There’s even a scene where the guys steal borrow a more-than-willing Dan Marino’s car.

The action genre as a whole has taken a step back over the past 5-10 years. While there have been some gems along the way, there’s been a lack of originality and fun.

Hollywood filmmakers would be wise to look back on movies like Bad Boys II as inspiration for the future.

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