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MLB Prospect Spotlight: Ronald Acuña

What were you doing at 19-years-old? Still living at home on your parents’ dime? Perhaps waking up at noon, hungover in your college dorm? Working low-end jobs until something of…

By Troy Cavell
Nov 27, 2017

The Funniest Man on Television

When it comes to modern television, drama reigns supreme. Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things are the topic of most water cooler conversations. But comedy is not…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 26, 2017

Shohei Ohtani: A Two-Way Star Facing Lofty Expectations

Every year at the Winter Meetings, MLB general managers are scrambling for supremacy. Whether it’s pulling off a blockbuster trade or landing a big free agent, they are constantly looking…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 25, 2017

The Film That Gives ‘Rocky’ a Run For Its Money

It is often said that nothing trumps a classic. 1976’s Rocky is considered a classic by viewers and critics alike. Similar fighting movies have come along but the public opinion…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 24, 2017

Pay for Play: A Look Inside E-Sports

When you hear the word sport, what comes to mind? Fields. Goal posts. Nets. Physicality. Athleticism. Now, a rapidly-growing phenomenon called e-sports is challenging these ideas. Arenas across the nation…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 22, 2017

What is the Key to the Jaguars’ Success?

Sitting atop the AFC South is something new for the team in Jacksonville. And it has been a long time coming for Jaguars fans. The team has not made the…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 21, 2017

Throwback Album of The Week: Illmatic (1994)

When it comes to individual years in Hip-Hop, 1994 is arguably the most important of all because of its potency. By then, the Gangsta Rap genre had begun to exhaust…

By Khael Bellony
Nov 20, 2017

Under-the-Radar Stars: Adam Thielen

Looking at this year’s leaders in receiving yards, you’ll see many of the usual suspects. Antonio Brown. De’Andre Hopkins. Julio Jones. But there is one name that doesn’t blend in…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 20, 2017

Godzilla & Remembering a Friend

We sat around Mike’s basement, some on sofas while others sprawled out on the floor. We were high school freshmen. Once football season was over, freeing up his Friday nights,…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 19, 2017

Why is Jidenna’s “Bambi” Not a #1 Hit?

While watching HBO’s Ballers one Sunday night, I noticed a song playing in the background.  I don’t normally pay close attention to the soundtrack while I’m engrossed in a show,…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 18, 2017