Tired of the same old sports talk on ESPN? Well, if you are, you’ve come to the right place. The guys at Sneaky Plays are tired of mediocrity and are here to give you the hot sports takes you deserve.

If you haven’t already noticed, the Sneaky Plays podcast has upped the ante, now putting out two episodes each week.

Tuesday’s are slotted for MLB talk with me and Joe Duffy, while Dom Fierro and Chris Morris engage in NBA, NCAAM, and NFL discussions on Thursday’s.

The new schedule allows us to bring you the best of both worlds on a weekly basis! So sit back, relax, and join the boys for some good old fashioned sports banter (and some laughs).

This Week’s Agenda

On this week’s MLB episode, Joe and I break down the AL East. We discuss the possibility of the Rays, Red Sox, and Yankees all making the postseason. The Blue Jays aren’t too far from stardom, and the Orioles will still be at the bottom.

On this week’s episode with Dom and Morris, they cover the craziness that has been NFL Free Agency. And they don’t miss anything.

Quote of the Week

“I would not be surprised if at some point this season those two are throwing hands at each other on the sideline” – Dom Fierro on OBJ and Jarvis Landry playing together again [20:10] in NFL-Free Agency Frenzy

Fear the Beasts of the AL East

[1:05] “If your favorite MLB team never existed, what do you think your favorite team would be?”

[10:25] Chance Sisco and Dylan Bundy are the players to watch for the Orioles

[17:46] The lineup in Toronto is better than you’d think

[26:58] The Red Sox and their World Series caliber lineup

[44:37] What the Rays pitching staff will look like

[53:30] Tulowitzki couldn’t even start in Toronto last year, but he can for Yanks?

NFL Free Agency Frenzy

[2:00] “How about the Green Bay Packers, going out and spending money”

[9:36] “We called it last week, Antonio Brown to the Raiders”

[16:01] David Gettleman is full of bologna

[22:31] The Giants are going to have a tough time moving forward

[26:22] Darnold can bring Jets to a Wild Card

[39:30] DeSean Jackson can still play

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