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“Don’t take your first disappointment and say, “I give up.” Don’t even take your thousandth disappointment and say, “I give up.” Just look at it as – it’s not how many times you’ve failed, it’s actually how many times you saw the wrong way and you’re gonna find the right way. Don’t ever give up.”
Papa Joe DeMaio

Papa Joe DeMaio (@PapaJoeDeMaio1) is a singer, songwriter, actor, and speaker. A Vietnam veteran, he’s battled PTSD and addiction on the way to living his dream.

Ever since he can remember, Joe wanted to be a performer. However, faced with the many challenges of growing up in poverty, he didn’t get that chance.

That is, until one special night many years later when he rediscovered his love for music.

Since then, Joe and has toured with the likes of Eddie Money, Pat Travers, Randy Jackson (Zebra), and many other legendary musicians. Today, he’s the lead singer of his band, The Papa Joe Show.

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Show Notes

[3:45] What it’s like having your dreams squashed at a young age

[5:55] Returning home from Vietnam

[8:40] The night that changed everything — coming back to music after a 27-year hiatus

[15:16] The perils of being a singer with COPD and a guitarist with arthritis

[19:00] Joe’s piece of advice you need to hear

After Listening…

You can keep up with Papa Joe DeMaio on his personal Facebook page. You can check out his music over on his band page.

Thanks for tuning into the show!

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Joseph V DeMaio
Joseph V DeMaio

Thank you very much for letting me a part of your great podcast.. anyone who inspires is ok in my book, and YOU do just that Tyler!


papa joe is the MAN, i enjoyed this podcast very much tyler, thank you for another great show