When superstar athletes want to go to Las Vegas, they call Manny Kess. As the founder & CEO of The Kess Group, a full-service concierge company, Manny’s clientele includes A-List celebrities and household names such as Odell Beckham Jr., Von Miller, Jarvis Landry, Travis Kelce, Stefon Diggs, Kevin Durant, and many more.

But before he became one of the top VIP hosts in Sin City, Manny was a high school soccer player with over 60 full-ride scholarship offers.

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After choosing the United States Naval Academy, a devastating injury derailed his college career before it started. Sadly, that same year his father passed away.

That’s when Manny decided to leave school and start working for himself. By the time he was 21-years-old, he’d opened his first restaurant in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.

After overcoming several other challenges, he moved to Las Vegas to pursue a new career. Within a year, he founded The Kess Group.

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Show Notes

[3:38] How often Manny sees his NFL buddies

[5:41] Why he chose the Naval Academy over 60 full-ride scholarship offers

[8:06] Opening his first restaurant at 21-years-old

[15:30] How Las Vegas got on Manny’s radar

[29:03] Co-producing the $50K Charity Challenge with Floyd Mayweather & Rob Gronkowski

[32:27] Crazy client requests

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Check out The Kess Group and let them transform your dream vacation into a lifetime experience. You can keep up with Manny and his exciting adventures on Instagram @mannykess.

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