Growing up, James Perdue dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player.  He had the attitude of being invincible and that nothing could stop him.

Going to college on a baseball scholarship, the dream felt closer than ever.  But just two weeks in, everything changed in a game of pick-up football. After scoring a touchdown, James took a late hit that instantly made him a quadriplegic.

While the adjustment was difficult at first, James set his sights on a new dream: to inspire others to overcome their own struggles. Today, Dr. James Perdue is known as “The Professor of Perseverance”, a renowned speaker and author.

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Show Notes

[5:32] “It was like I was begging for something to happen to me”

[8:23] The day of the injury

[14:43] Adjusting to a new way of life

[19:38] The 3 P’s of Perseverance

[26:06] How to get past your self-doubt

After Listening…

You can find out more about Dr. James Perdue on his website, Check out his YouTube channel for even more inspiration.

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