Only three games left in the NFL season! Can you believe it?!

Since there are only two games on Sunday, we’re going to help you set your lineups for the Showdown Captain Mode on DraftKings. In this game style, you must choose players from one game at a time. You get six slots with a $50,000 cap limit. Sounds simple, right?

Well, here’s the catch. One of those six slots is marked for a captain. The captain costs 1.5x their original price, but they get 1.5x the points.

For example, a $10,000 player is now $15,000 in the captain slot. 10 fantasy points equate to 15 fantasy points. Catch the drift?

The Tennessee Titans travel to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Chiefs at 3:05 pm before the 49ers host the Packers in the nightcap. Two games loaded with talent. Now let’s set these lineups!

Tennessee Titans @ Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes rolls to his right during an nfl contest
Credit-CBS Sports

CAPTAIN-Patrick Mahomes-KC Chiefs-QB-$19,800

Mahomes was on a different planet last week against the Texans. It wouldn’t shock me if he put up a similar performance on Sunday. He’s worth every penny.

FLEX-Derrick Henry-TEN Titans-RB-$12,000

He hasn’t been stopped all season. Why would this week be any different? Put this man in your lineup and don’t look back.

FLEX-Sammy Watkins-KC Chiefs-WR-$6,600

The Chiefs will score points in a multitude of ways. Watkins could be a beneficiary of that.

FLEX-Mecole Hardman-KC Chiefs-WR-$3,800

Hardman will be utilized in the return game, end arounds, and the screen game. If he gets between 4-6 touches, he’ll take advantage of them.

FLEX-Jonnu Smith-TEN Titans-TE-$4,400

The Chiefs are vulnerable against TEs. Smith should see a bunch of targets from Tannehill.

FLEX-Greg Joseph-TEN Titans-K-$3,200 There will be FGs in this game, right?

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers

CAPTAIN-George Kittle-SF 49ers-TE-$14,100

This guy is an absolute monster and is going to go off on Sunday night. I think $14,100 in the Captain slot is a bargain.

FLEX-Davante Adams-GB Packers-WR-$11,400

39.0, 22.3, 26.6, 26.3 – Davante’s fantasy totals in his last 4 games.

FLEX-Raheem Mostert-SF 49ers-RB-$6,400

He battled an illness last week. Sunday will be his time to shine.

FLEX-Aaron Jones-GB Packers-RB-$9,600

He’ll need to be the X-Factor for the Pack. I say he succeeds in doing so.

FLEX-Deebo Samuel-SF 49ers-WR-$7,400

He has a really cool name and is good at football.

FLEX-Jake Kumerow-GB Packers-WR-$1,000

Dom’s favorite underdog.

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