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Leicester City’s Resurgence: From 3rd-Tier Squad to All-Time Underdog Story

An old coach past his prime, a shoestring budget, and a team of castoffs. Leicester City and the greatest underdog story in UK history.

By Sam Evans
Jan 14, 2021

Alex Smith’s Comeback Story: From Near-Death to Leading Washington to the NFL Playoffs

“Mom, the cart’s coming.” Elizabeth Smith’s 8-year-old son welled up with tears. Her blood ran cold as team doctors lifted her husband onto the cart. “It was a very complex…

By Tyler O'Shea
Jan 09, 2021

Gus Edwards’ 4,700 Mile Quest From Liberia to NFL X-Factor

Gus Edwards was born in the West African country of Liberia. His move to America was the result of pure chance. Edwards’ aunt won a lottery trip to the States,…

By Tyler O'Shea
Dec 30, 2020

Tashaun Gipson’s Journey From Undrafted Special Teamer to Pro Bowl Safety

“I got Drew Brees, Tom Brady…” Tashaun Gipson keeps an “Interception Wall” in his house. A shrine with each of the 25 balls he’s intercepted in his NFL career. A…

By Tyler O'Shea
Dec 23, 2020

The 18 Shortest NBA Players of All-Time

From youth leagues to the NBA, basketball has always been about height. Generally, the taller players are the ones who make the team and stick around longer. But, over history,…

By Tyler O'Shea
Nov 18, 2020

Julio Urias Conquers Eye & Shoulder Surgeries en Route to MLB

When you think of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Julio Urias probably isn’t the first name that comes to your mind. But Urias has battled adversity throughout his entire life to…

By Bryan Contino
Oct 19, 2020

From Bar Fights & Blackouts to Big League Baseball: The Nick Anderson Story

The Tampa Bay Rays dominated the 2020 regular season and cruised into the playoffs as the #1 seed in the American League. Firing on all cylinders, they finished with the…

By Bryan Contino
Oct 07, 2020

From Living in His Parents’ Basement to Doing the Impossible

After graduating from college in the midst of The Great Recession, he couldn’t find a job. Living in his parents’ basement and feeling bad about life, he created a challenge for himself called The Impossible List.

By Tyler O'Shea
Aug 11, 2020

How 37-Year-Old Frank Gore Outlasted The Doubters & Defined Longevity

“It helps my mindset,” Gore said. “Even though I try not to care or pay attention, I often hear that, ‘Oh, he can’t do this because he’s old.’ Well, I’m training and thinking about that, and it makes me go that much harder.”

By Henry Duncan
Jul 21, 2020

Mike Yastrzemski is Not Here Because of His Name

If you are reading this and are a millennial who just started following baseball, or know very little about the Boston Red Sox history, you may not know the name…

By Henry Duncan
Jul 20, 2020