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About Us

Joker Mag is dedicated to inspiring underdog stories in sports, entertainment, and more.

Our mission is to show you that your favorite athletes and entertainers are human too — and that we all share the same struggles.

At some point in our lives, we all face road blocks. Barriers that challenge our will.

Times of struggle where the odds are stacked against you. Where no one expects you to succeed.

Everyone has an underdog story. What’s yours?


Tyler O’Shea is the founder of Joker Mag.

A former Division III baseball standout and diehard Philadelphia sports fan, he enjoys reading in his spare time.

His proudest moment came in 4th grade when his childhood hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, called his house and left a voicemail, but his mother deleted it before he could get home in time to hear it.

Why Joker Mag?

The site’s mascot is named after our family bulldog, Joker.

He was the runt of the litter and our family picked him out after learning that he was the outcast that no one wanted. He’s had a tough journey, overcoming two hip replacements, breathing problems, and other ailments.

Joker is a literal underdog in every sense of the word and represents everything we’re about here.

In case you’re wondering, he got his name from the black spot around his eye that’s reminiscent of the infamous Batman villain! The logo was created by my talented friend Alex Hagendorf.